Submission Guidelines

Participants are invited to submit results and a short description of the used method for at least one of the following tasks and instrument types (rigid/robotic)

1.) Segmentation

2.) Tracking


Please follow the instructions in the  "Readme" file provided with the test data.


Results Format

Please upload your results and the description in a separate zip archive for each task named <Task>_<Username>_Rigid/Robotic>

The format and naming convention for the single tasks should be as follows:


Rigid Instruments

Robotic Instruments


Format: 3 channel bmp mask with annotated shaft (255,0,0), manipulator (0,0,255) and background (0,0,0) (Example)


Format: A video file of the masks which should be a 3 channel image where the value (0,0,0) should be used for background, (255,0,0) for shaft, (0,255,0) for head and (0,0,255) for clasper. Please use a lossless codec for submission. Any pixel values which are not exactly 0 or 255 will be thresholded to these values.



Format: csv file for each subset with the following format: Example


Format: csv file for the video file where the n^th line contains the tracked pose value for the n^th frame. This should be in the order:
x1, y1, r1, x2, y2, r2 where x1, y1 is the coordinate of the end of the shaft from top left of image, r1 is the 2D rotation of the shaft in the image plane (rads clockwise, zero is vertical), x2, y2 is the coordinate of the center of the instrument head from the top left of the image, r2 is the rotation (rads) of the claspers (zero is closed). 



Please upload your submission here.

Note that you can only upload if you are registered as a user for the sub-challenge.